see. feel. smell. real


Meet the serious side of SensoryCo. Our Training Solutions (TS) help create environments that are as close to real life as possible. Training personnel to perform under circumstances with unusual smells, sights and other sensory effects can help save lives.

Our product line includes smell generators, smoke generators, spraymotion water effects and weather effects for immersive training used for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Urban Search and Rescue, Hazmat and CBRNE training.


Take a turn on the fun ride! SensoryCo 4D Entertainment effects take guest experiences to a whole new level. Whether it’s for 4D Theaters, Exhibits and Productions, Theme Parks or Museums, our effects create stronger and more vivid memories of the experience.

With our aromatic effects, spraymotion water effects, smoke & fog effects and weather effects, your imagination of how to apply them is the only limitation!